Speak out child,

speak out

speak out back

A Book by Yehoshua Etzion

Gvanim Publishing House, Tel Aviv, 2005,

159 pages


Speak Out, Child, Speak Out is a book about desires that everyone craves in the depth of his soul but does not dare to admit openly. It is a book for those who like to enjoy life without a bad conscience.
The book deals with self-love, dignity, pride and fame, envy and revenge, but at the same time touches upon basic moral values such as truth and falsehood, freedom and friendship, equality and justice. At its core is an outlook that combines pure individualism with the principle of not harming others.
In a magnificent display the author presents a way to happiness consisting of the following three phases:
Controlling thoughts
Gratifying desires
Giving happiness to relatives and friends
The book is written in a style that addresses the reader directly, and uses a language in which Biblical and Talmudic phrases are interwoven with modern expressions and citations.

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