Dr. Adam Zartal

(An extract translated from Hebrew)
“The Book of Heresy” is a collection of diverse ideas that almost completely ignore the two accepted methods in biblical research: the religious-halachic, and the scientific-historical-archaeological... [Etzion] perceives God [as an entity] in our image, after our likeness, of [evil and good] inclinations and of human weakness... In fact, Etzion goes back to the theory suggested by Erich von Daniken... but Etzion is even more daring. He conceives the gods as real beings whose deeds can be traced and associated with the biblical traditions... A priori, this kind of approach cannot be dismissed. There is always a possibility that some real evidence will turn up one day [to support it] and that ancient history will indeed become explainable by such a method, but this time has not come yet.